Why Vacuuming Your Carpet Isn’t Enough

A good carpet can really liven up your living space and make everything look more complete and integrated. At the same time, if your carpet looks old and unclean, it can make a really bad impression of your entire space. Even if you are vacuuming your carpet regularly, you aren’t doing enough. So, if your carpet has worn out before its warranty and you’ve only been vacuuming your carpet, there is no point in going for a refund or filing a complaint. Almost all carpet companies mention that in order for your warranty to stay valid, you are required to get your carpet professionally steamed every 12-24 months. So, if you have not been doing that and your carpet loses its look, you’re the one accountable, not the company.

There are a number of reasons why vacuuming isn’t enough for your carpet, and that is because vacuums can only clean the surface of your carpet at most. You need to go to professionals in order to get your carpet properly deep-cleaned, which happens to be very important for the sake of your health. Carpets tend to trap all dust, pollutants and bacteria around it, causing it to collect and then ultimately affect the quality of your indoor air, which consequentially leads to health problems, and for people with existing allergies, it can become even worse.

Expert Carpet Cleaning services are easily available to you, in fact a lot of companies will bring their services over to your place and clean your carpet there and then, while others may pick up the carpet, clean it and then even drop it at your place. So, both your health and the validity of your warranty relies on how well maintained your carpet is, which is only possible through professional care.