What Does SSSTS Training Courses Teach Candidates?

The full form of SSSTS is Site Supervisors’ Safety Training Scheme and it is a required training program for supervisors and people who wish to come close to the position of supervisors. Such programs exist because supervisors are individuals who are responsible for handling a team and the work performed by that particular team which is a huge responsibility.

In the industry of construction, there are specific safety guidelines that need to be followed by every worker that is involved in the industry which is why it is necessary for supervisors to know all about the guidelines and rules of the construction industry which is why such training courses are extremely necessary to undertake. The SSSTS training courses Chelmsford are offered at different institutes but since they are of so much importance, our recommendation would be to look into the best interview so that you can get the best training possible. If you are not clear on the outcome of the SSTS training then just scroll down below where you will learn all about the learning objectives of the courses.

Risk Assessment Procedures

When employees are working on the construction sites, they are facing possibilities of many dangers so it is the supervisor’s job to carry out a procedure which would assess the risk of the site, equipment and work and that is exactly what is taught in SSSTS training programs and via these training sessions, the supervisor gains skills to assess risk.

Latest Regulation

In the construction industry, regulations are revised and new ones come up according to the new hazards, equipment, practices, materials used and technology so it is necessary for a supervisor to know each and every new regulation and SSSTS provides just the right information about it.