The Most Versatile Cooker Out There

Slow cookers and rice cookers have revolutionised the way we produce food, these appliances provide us with various functions which allow us to prepare complex meals in a relatively easier manner. These appliances are a must have for all those busybodies out there who do not have the time to prepare wholesome meals but still want to enjoy home cooked meals at the end of their day. There is a huge variety of cookers out in the market, many of which provide great features and functions that make them a joy to use, one of the most interesting cookers that you can buy right now is the VitaClay VM7900-8.

This cooker stands out from the crowd for a number of reasons, the very first being that it is a multicooker; a single appliance that can be used for preparing rice, slow cooking food and for steaming. It is a mid-ranged kitchen appliance that claims to be 4 times faster than normal cookers, you can easily produce entire meals with this thing within 30 minutes, making the device very time efficient. Its versatility is further increased by the plethora of settings that the device offers, you can select from up to seven different functions and enjoy the benefits of the cooker’s ten minutes to five hours cooking programs.

This rice cooker does a lot of things differently, which is why it is so good, VitaClay’s interior pot is made of unglazed ceramic instead of a metallic or non-stick surface, making it safer to use as well. If you want to find out more about this cooker and want to decide whether you will buy it or not then you should check out this review by The Crazy Baker, it covers everything that you need to know about this superb multicooker.