Resetting Your Google Account Giving You a Hard Time?

Data security has become incredibly important in the modern age since everyone has some sort of sensitive data that they need to preserve and keep safe from other parties. Our smartphones are literally loaded with all kinds of sensitive data, such as passwords for our social media accounts, access to our emails and our credit card details as well. This is why smartphone companies are taking more and more advanced measures to make sure that any data stored on these devices is as safe from vulnerability as possible.

The problem with advanced security measures is that they can sometimes prove to be a nuisance for the user, and in some cases they can even bar the user from accessing their device. Every Android user links their device with their Google account, Google has used this dependency to bolster up its operating software’s data security. Android devices now require one to provide the credentials of their linked Google account in order to allow the user to factory reset their device. While this Factory Reset Protection feature can come in handy in a number of ways, it can also make it harder to factory reset your phone if you do not remember your account’s details.

If you are planning on selling your phone or want to give it a fresh start but you cannot remember the details of your Google Account then you basically cannot wipe your phone’s memory. Luckily, the FRP bypass app exists to provide Android users with a quick workaround to this problem, the app lets you bypass your Google Account Verification step and wipe your phone as easily as possible. You can get all the details that you need to know about this app on the FRP Bypass APK website.