Organic Energy Made Possible

For the past hundred years and even more, we’ve been relying on the burning of fossil fuels to produce the energy we need in our factories, to power our vehicles and at the grid to produce electricity for our homes. Fossil fuels indeed have a lot of energy that they release upon burning, making them a prime energy source even today; however, there’s a huge downside to the burning of fossil fuels that becomes more and more relevant each year – global warming.

At this point in time, we’ve already put so much carbon in our atmosphere that we’re seeing unnaturally fast changes in the temperature of our planet. This causes ice to melt, waters to rise and a whole lot of other nightmarish problems that we’re not even aware of. Even if you’re a naysayer, there are still so many reasons to shift to renewable energy systems instead of burning fossil fuels.

Over the past few decades, green power has been steadily growing in its popularity because of how effective it is. Biomasses such as wasted wood, crops and even food wastes can be burnt to produce a lot of decent energy. Fossil fuels release more energy by weight than bio masses but the fact that they also release much more carbon dioxide still remains.

Biomasses might not be as powerful as fossil fuels but since they’re cheaper and renewable, we can afford to burn them much easier than coal and gas and since they only release as much carbon as they naturally possess, we can use them guilt free. These days, you’ll even find renewable energy systems for home heating and they work wonders too! We can’t do without energy and at the same time we need to start thinking about our planet – bio mass is the answer to both.