Maintain Your Flat Iron to Make It Last Long

Flat iron is not an inexpensive tool and it is quite important to many people which is why we always advise to take care of it properly so it will prove to be durable. Whether you are going for the best ceramic flat iron or any other type, we would recommend that you ask the seller to give you some maintenance tips and follow through with those tips.

If you do not take care of the flat iron then it is very likely that it will not perform as it should and it might even end up greatly damaging your hair in one way or the other. You can avoid all such disasters if you just take care of it and you can do so by adopting the practices that we have talked about down below.

Cleaning a Flat Iron

You might be surprised that we are talking about cleaning a flat iron but it is extremely necessary because the styling products that you use in your hair tend to get on and stick to the plates of the flat iron. Once the particles stick to the plate, they do not go away on their own, rather you have to clean it up. The residue can cause quite a mess; it will hinder the proper working of the hair and it is possible that your might get snagged in the sticky residue or you might even end up frizzling your hair just because of the residue. Once the iron has cooled down, dampen a soft cloth and put a professional iron cleaner on it and gently rub the plates.


Never tie the cord around the iron as it will cause disruption to the connection points of the cord and the iron will stop working after some time.