Inspired vs Uninspired Marketing

If there are three things that every business needs to run, then they are as follows; operations that include production of goods and services, finances that need to be managed for the business to stay out of debt and so it can see whether or not it’s making profits and last but not the least – marketing – which is basically what’s going to determine how successful a business is going to be in actually providing their goods and services.

Marketing requires creativity as much as it requires skill. You can have the best ideas ever but unless you understand the dynamics of how the market works, those ideas might not get you where you want to be. Unlike what many people believe, marketing is a skill that needs to be developed through theory and practice both – you can’t just go on a whim and become a marketing genius like that. You might be told that it’s that easy but it isn’t.

To clear some things out about what makes a good marketer successful or not, here’s an interview with Ben Wynkoop, a digital marketing Guru who’s well versed in the ways of SEO or search engine optimisation. For those of you know don’t know, SEO is basically what gets things on your front page after every Google search you make and is probably how you ended up here, reading this. E commerce is the future and SEO marketing is what will guide us into that future. There are many misconceptions about SEO and where it falls in comparison to other kinds of marketing techniques out there but this interview at will hopefully clear some things out and who knows, it might even inspire you into making your marketing better on the internet.