Good Ideas to Place Your Parking Meters in a Lot

Placing parking meters throughout a lot can be done in quite a few different ways. Actually, a lot of it would depend on how the structure of the parking lot is. Whether it is flat or whether it is over a few floors, whether it has one entrance and one exit placed either side by side or opposite, or whether it has multiple entrances and exits leading to different routes in the city.

All of this matters quite a bit, and how you place your parking meters in that parking lot will also change the customer flow. If people start complaining about how inaccessible the parking meters are in your parking lot, then there can be less traffic towards your lot.

Placing Near Exits

This works well for places with both either entrance and exit side by side or entrance on one side and exit on the other. In the latter one, placing near the entrance may not be the best idea. However, one drawback you might face by doing this is that people might park there car next to it, just to pay the parking ticket and immediately go out from there.

Placing Near The Elevators

I think this is one of the better ideas. Placing near the elevators in your parking lot can help the customers to easily access the parking meters. This way, it is less likely for them to wonder where the parking meters are, and when they are entering/exiting their own body, they can easily access these meters.

Every Corner

Well, if your parking lot is big enough and you are willing to spend on it, you might want to have one in every corner, so that no matter where the cars are parked, it is accessible. You can actually get your parking meters from Parking Boxx.