Fighting Fat

If you are struggling with weight loss then there might be something new that you can try. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that cold can be bad for fat. When put in a situation where fat cells are exposed to the cold temperature at a consistent rate and for a fixed amount of time, they begin to shrink and can even be completely destroyed. This is good because fat cells usually only shrink down in size when we start cutting them out of our diet and when we exercise.

They still manage to stay back in the area that they were initially in, only in a reduced state. These cells can spring up quickly and increase in size with ease when you eat any fatty foods. This is why it is so easy to mess up an exercise regimen or diet by simply taking an unauthorized cheat meal or some quick snacks. The results show immediately.

However, if you are using cold therapy to get rid of the fat cells then, over time, you should be able to remove the fat cells completely. The excess cells on the outside of our body can be completely destroyed and removed even without causing any harm to you or the rest of the cells in the body. One of the best ways to implement cold therapy is by using a cold fat freeze wrap. These wraps have a special gel inside it that cools down the body and can reduce the size of the fat cells that it comes in contact with. As the name suggests, you simply wrap this around the problem areas of your body and let the cold therapy work its magic. This can be dangerous as well, so limiting exposure is advised. You can learn more at