Different Types of Mirrors That You Should Know of Before Investing in Them

For people who love dressing up, do body transformation or are in the beauty industry, having mirrors is one of the most key items in your wardrobe and in your showers. There are a lot of places in your house where you can place the mirror but the most private ones are in the dresser and the shower mirror along with vanity mirrors as well. There are so many variants of vanity mirrors in the market that it is quite difficult to pick up one and not regret it. Unless of course you know the mirror that you exactly need.

So if you are in search of finding the best places for mirrors then you should consider doing some homework. The best websites that will offer you reviews on different kinds of mirrors include the following link http://www.mirrorank.com/best-lighted-vanity-mirrors/. With that aside, following are some of the different types of mirror that you should know of before investing in them, check them out below.

Mounted Mirrors

When it comes to getting down to the basics of getting a vanity mirror, there are several kinds, one of them includes mounted vanity mirrors. It is a solid choice for those who like to their mirrors fixed into one place all you have to do is mount them on the wall with a bunch of screws, or if you are not allowed to use screws even adhesive strips or suction cups can do the job as well.

Standalone Mirrors

Standalone mirrors are quite literally multipurpose in nature, they can be used for full body shots, vanity and shower mirrors as well. However, some standalone mirrors do come with the option of mounting them as well but mostly they are placed anywhere you want and are easy to move around.