Basics of Making Your Own E-Cigarette

E-cigarettes have been around for quite a while but people who smoke are still not actively switching to it which is a very sad fact. Everyone in this world now knows that smoking cigarette is harmful in every way and causes so many diseases that it makes the non-smokers wonder why the smokers do it. There is a small percentage of the smokers population who continue to smoke happily because they do not care about their body but most of them are stuck in the vicious cycle owning to their addiction to nicotine.

Since we all know that traditional tobacco cigarettes are bad, it is about time that we all switch to e-cigarettes and you know what the fun part is? You can actually build your own e-cigarette but of course you would need to understand the dynamics of an e-cigarette perfectly in order to make one so first search up how to make your own vape cig? It is absolutely necessary that you know the math behind it, you have the tools necessary and you know how to work with the tools that you are going to use so we are only going to tell you the absolute basic steps and you can make editions to them according to your research and preferences.

Tools And Parts

The first step would be get all the tools and parts in one place like chips, soldering iron, resistors, capacitors, switch, LED, wire, glue gun and glue sticks.

Working on Chip

Next, you would need to prepare the chip by working with the voltage and capacitors.


For the body of the e-cigarette, you can use house hold items but make sure that they are the right type.


Lastly, fix everything into place and experiment with the e-cigarette.